Contemporary Art Exhibition of Bangladesh_"The Empire of Dream"

"The Empire of Dream"
2nd Solo Exhibition of Ripon Saha
venue: Kalakendra

Ripon Saha's recent works are a violent mix of fragmentary narratives and essays of juxtaposed images. they are an ingenious vast collage of his own previously made images, newspaper clippings, popular calendars, signboards, street selling campaigns, popular thoughts, stories erotic jokes, advertisements, graphics, political humor, pop culture as well as stylistic elements from different eastern and western art movements.Beyond this apparently chaotic of symbolic and surrealistic images lies a deeper representation of human civilization's decadence. Delivering shocking statements with the evocative usage of visuals he provokes and stimulates the viewer. This aesthetic is essentially important in today's world because of its inherent 'plurality'.

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  1. great exhibition.......keep it


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