"to the feminine"

"to the feminine"
Performance art,
Artist Afsana Sharmin
Tokyo, Japan

“To the-Feminine’ is directly through the females-who are born sinful until death. In my life path, I found a lot of women in pain, punishment and injustice. I’ve grown-up monitoring those deliberate situation and a volley of questions that, why these things are happening with the women?? Though everyone is different, but all those unfortunate situations were alike and measurable. When I grew-up, I started questioning them that-why they are bearing the pain? Why they aren’t defending against the injustice? But, they are unwilling to do anything against those. Maximum of them was in the thought of that, those situations are must for a women. As born as a female, there is no way to get rid of it…
But I shout..I cry..I want  to show  the nudity of the society against the Female..I want to reveal the truth behind the females..I want to show the pain of a women..but, the pain with the power of a women..I believe, Females have the power to do anything  they want. They could change the society…If the males have the power to control the society, Females have the double power inside them..I just want to say the Feminine that-you  are the power of this nature..try to discover it…

Afsana Sharmin Zhumpi


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