A documentary on Artist Alak Roy _ Directed by Abu Naim Mahtab Morshed

A documentary on Artist Alak Roy

We were the generation who actively took part in the “Bengali Nationalist” movement in 1969-70-71 in our youth. So, it was obvious for me after finishing my graduation in painting that I had to look for something related to our soil and culture.
In the history of Indian art, Terracotta art is a unique contribution from Bengal —– so, I had decided to try my hand at making terracotta sculptures. At the beginning, I started with small relief works and as I gathered experience and skill my sculpture became more and more adventurous and larger.
20 July 2010 is the first 60th eye-opening day (I want to live 120years) of my visual world. Hence, I want to celebrate the day by exhibiting my sculptures “Homage to potter and finger”— fingers and hands are the oldest tools of human race!!

                                                                   Alak Roy


Alak Roy

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